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Global Justice Now in Scotland

Global Justice Now in Scotland

We have local groups, activists and a small staff team in Scotland who work together to strengthen our campaigns by adapting them to the Scottish context.  This includes producing Scottish-specific campaign demands and materials, lobbying Scottish MPs and members of the Scottish parliament, holding public events and working with other organisations and networks across Scotland. We produce a Scottish-specific newsletter three times a year, and share information via our Scottish specific Facebook and Twitter accounts.

We founded the Trade Justice Scotland coalition and are also a member of the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland coalition.

What we’re currently working on

We’re calling on the Scottish government to:

    • endorse the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty – a bold and ambitious idea for a global plan to phase out fossil fuels in a fast, fair and financed way
    • make polluters pay – so that big, polluting, fossil fuel companies who have driven and profited from the climate emergency pay reparations to countries in the global south impacted most severely

If you’re in Scotland, we’d love you to get involved!  Scroll down further on this page to see all our latest news, blogs and action.

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