Trade justice for all: Another world is possible



Where: City of Glasgow Unison Branch Office, 84 Bell Street Glasgow G1 1 LQ

When: Saturday 26 October 1pm – 4pm

With: Jean Blaylock, trade campaigner with Global Justice Now. Plus input from a trade union representative and Trade Justice Scotland Coalition representative (tbc)


A sweetheart trade agreement between Prime Minister Johnson and President Trump after Brexit?

Trade deals agreed in secret with countries around the world, without giving citizens a say?

Parliaments at Westminster and Holyrood with their hands tied, unable to stop trade agreements that threaten the NHS and other public services, workers’ rights and local economies?

This could be the future. Are we really ‘taking back control’?

No. But there are alternatives.

At the moment trade deals are powerful tools being used by big business and neo-liberal governments to force privatisation, challenge democracy and put profit before people and the environment.

But trade and trade deals could be part of a more positive future, enabling the sharing of knowledge and technology across continents, strengthening human rights and action to stop climate change, and improving regulations on workers’ rights and protecting our environment.

Join members of the Trade Justice Scotland Coalition to plan for trade democracy and a better future for all. Hear up-to-date analysis of the current political situation; talk about the principles on which trade deals should be based; and plan action to stop a terrible UK-US trade deal after Brexit.

Together we can make a better world. Let the fightback begin!

Unison, 84 Bell Street, Glasgow G1 1LQ
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