Together we are powerful


When: Saturday 28 March, 10am-5pm

Where: Rich Mix, Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA

A free, day-long event, with workshops, films and panels


Capitalism is in crisis. But in the cracks, alternatives to a system based on corporate greed are growing.

The economic policies of the last decades have led to spiralling inequality, the worsening of climate breakdown and the takeover of more and more of our lives by corporations. In the face of the crisis this is creating, the rich are trying to shore up their system, and hard-right strongmen are seeking to divide us against each other.

But the demand for change is growing. Resistance to the rule of the 1% is making itself heard globally, through elections campaigns, direct action and street protest movements. Join Global Justice Now to hear from inspiring struggles around the world, learn from the alternatives they’re building and discuss how we build a world that works for everyone.

Speakers include:

  • Shalmali Guttal, executive director of Focus on the Global South (Thailand)
  • Daniel Chavez, public services researcher at the Transnational Institute (Uruguay)
  • Caroline Lucas MP, Green Party
  • Ann Pettifor, economist and author of The Case for the Green New Deal
  • Hsiao-Hung Pai, award-winning migration journalist and author
  • Felicity Lawrence, special correspondent at the Guardian and author of books on the food industry
  • Christophe Aguiton, ATTAC France
  • Nick Dearden, Dorothy Guerrero, Heidi Chow and other Global Justice Now speakers

Plus many more to be announced.


For 50 years, Global Justice Now has been campaigning for a more equal, more sustainable and kinder world. It’s a world that’s within our grasp, but only if we get to the root causes of our problems – a global economy based on a legacy of colonialism and geared to profit-making for the few. On our 50th anniversary, we still say that another world is possible – if we come together to make it happen.