‘Stranger in Paradise’ film screenings and ‘Having difficult conversations about migration’ trainings


As part of the Take One Action Film Festival Global Justice Now Scotland are running multiple events around the theme of migration. 


'Stranger in Paradise' film screenings

In this deliberately provocative documentary essay, a teacher in a Sicilian classroom welcomes migrants with unusual techniques: rejecting them, then embracing them. His contradictory words echo the fraught power relations
between Europe and those who seek safer, more prosperous lives on her shores. Stranger in Paradise tackles head on some of the reasons advanced by both the left and the right to justify policies that have, so far, fallen shockingly short of responding to the needs of populations threatened by conflict, famine and gross inequality. This film does not claim journalistic impartiality, nor does it articulate an impassioned cry for change. What it does offer is a powerful starting point for a much-needed conversation on how Europe can respond to a humanitarian crisis of an unprecedented scale.

SUN 17 SEPT | 17:15   Glasgow Film Theatre, Glasgow,  £9.50/7.50 concs, £5.50 Under 25 (with GFT Youth Card), Book via GFT

SAT 16 SEPT | 20:30   Filmhouse, Edinburgh,  £10/8 concs, £5.50 Under 25 (with valid ID), Book via Filmhouse


'How to have difficult conversations about migration' training

Debates on the issue of migration can be uncomfortable, upsetting or angry, and often do little to change anyone’s mind. At the same time, fighting for a progressive stance on migration is more important than ever, and we need to be able to persuade people who don’t already completely agree with us. Based on training from Hope Not Hate, these in-depth workshops will equip you with the tools to communicate effectively about the issues surrounding migration.

SUN 17 SEPT | 15:00 - 16:30  Dundas Room, Renfield Centre, Glasgow, FREE BUT TICKETED Book via bit.ly/GJNConv

WED 20 SEPT | 19:15 - 20:45  The Hall, Quaker Meeting House, Edinburgh FREE BUT TICKETED Book via bit.ly/GJNConv2

Glasgow and Edinburgh
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