Speaker training for activists


Saturday 7 April
12.30 - 17.30
Global Justice Now, 66 Offley Road, London SW9 0LS

Nervous of speaking in public? Want to brush up your speaking skills?

Speaking to groups is a crucial skill for Global Justice Now activists. Join our day of speaker training and learn how to prepare and deliver talks that will make a difference.

The day will include:

  • Learning about key Global Justice Now issues and campaigns
  • Training from an experienced public speaker
  • Hints for building confidence
  • Tips for preparing well
  • How to get your key messages across
  • How to inspire action in others
  • Key rhetorical devices
  • And the chance to practice in front of a group in a safe space

This training will aim to equip you with the skills you need to go out and speak with confidence. Please email activism@globaljustice.org.uk to reserve a place.