Introduction to climate justice & the threat to climate and environmental defenders


Wednesday 7 October

Join Sussex Uni Global Justice Now youth activists and others for this Zoom call where we learn about climate justice in an interactive workshop. With a section exploring the plight of climate and environmental defenders who have been killed in the struggle to protect land and people.




  • Roseanne Steffen (Global Justice activist and Sussex SU Sustainability Officer),
  • and Cameron Joshi (Global Justice Now youth campaigner).
  • Other contributors TBA

‘Climate justice’ has become a buzzword in the climate movement. But what does it really mean?

In this workshop we’ll be looking at why the climate movement must take into account our economic system and how it created and perpetuates climate change. We’ll understand why those who are least responsible for climate change are suffering the gravest consequences. But we will also look at how people are fighting back by demanding social and economic justice and how we can all stand together to fight for climate justice for everyone. With a dedicated section exploring the plight of climate and environmental defender Berta Caceres who was shot and killed for her work defending the Río Gualcarque and the Lenca people’s land and rights, for which she won the Goldman Prize.

The coronavirus has put a strain on healthcare and food systems. It has also shown that if we aren’t careful, the costs of fighting a crisis may fall on the least prepared or responsible, whilst the wealthy get bailouts. When this crisis subsides, we will still have another to deal with – the climate crisis. We need climate justice now more than ever.

Event organised by Sussex Global Justice youth activists for young people across the UK.