The Global Rise of the Far Right


When:   Friday 4 October, 7pm

Where:   Hanbury Hall, London E1 6QR

We face, more directly than before, the reality of the populist right in the UK. Boris Johnson's undemocratic manipulation of the Parliamentary timetable, his close relationship with Trump and his obvious desire for free market policies to trample over people's rights and livelihoods is becoming a harsh fact we have to confront.

From Duterte in the Phillipines, to Bolsonaro in Brazil and Trump in the States, this global shift is both alarming and something we need to understand to defeat. Our speaker is ideally placed to shine a light on the issues at play. 

Walden Bello has a long and distinguished track record as a teacher, a thought leader, a radical politician and a leading activist. He was a prominent figure in the 1999 Seattle protests against the WTO, a turn-to writer during the anti-capitalist movement's hey day and a steadfast opponent of the Duterte regime in the Phillipines. He is currently a Professor of sociology in State University of New York and The University of the Phillipines. He has written over 20 books, the most recent being Counterrevolution: the Global Rise of the Far Right. copies of this will be available at the meeting.



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