Freedom of movement


Tuesday 13 October

Across the world, the walls are rising. From the Calais border fence to detention islands in Greece and the militarisation of the US-Mexico border, governments are spending billions to keep migrants out. In the UK, the government’s ‘hostile environment’ policy has brought the border into everyday life.

Borders are increasing inequality, curtailing people’s human rights to home and are destructive to human health. It is the less wealthy that are the most affected while the rich have free movement - how can we justify giving rights to some but not others? And what if the best way to reduce global inequality is to give people the right to move?

Join an interactive discussion about the effects of borders on human rights and the case for open borders. Hear from Global Justice Now youth activists. Explore the arguments in an open and non-judgemental way, and learn about how to support migrant rights today.


Jelly Cleaver, Our Future Now activist

Cameron Joshi, Global Justice Now youth campaigner

Event organised by Nottingham and Northampton youth activists for young people across the UK.