The corporate take-over of global health - and how to stop it


7pm - 8.30pm

Thursday 15 October

Covid-19 has reminded us of the value of our public health service and the nurses, doctors and staff on whom UK society and economy has depended over the last few months.Yet the UK government continues with trade talks that might privatise our NHS, and put access to affordable medicines at risk. And around the world the corporate control of pharmaceutical and healthcare has only become more starkly apparent as the pandemic has gathered momentum.

Corporations are undermining publicly funded health systems and access to affordable medicines around the world - from controlling the price of life saving treatments through the use of monopolies, to using trade deals to protect patents and push up medicine prices. Hear from campaigners who are standing up to - and beating - the might of big pharma around the world.


Umunyana Rugege, campaigner for healthcare access in South Africa and executive director of SECTION27

Nick Dearden, director of Global Justice Now

Natalie Rhodes, member of the UK working group for the People's Health Movement

This event is part of the Edinburgh World Justice Festival, an annual festival which shines a spotlight on world justice issues and the fight for a fairer future.The full programme of events can be found here:

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