Brexit and Trade in Wales: Free trade paradise or TTIP-on-steroids?


Wednesday 19 September 2018, 6pm-8pm

Custom House St
Cardiff CF10 1AP

Theresa May’s government has promised that Brexit will allow Britain to sign trade deals with dozens of countries from the US to Saudi Arabia, the Philippines to Brazil. But free trade deals don’t make everyone better off. They can damage our public services, food standards and workers’ rights. As things stand, trade deals will be negotiated in secret, and neither MPs not AMs have the power to stop them. Come and find out what post Brexit trade deals are likely to mean for Wales and for the countries we’re trading with. And find out what you can do about it.


  • Nick Dearden, director, Global Justice Now;
  • Hugh McDyer, area organiser, UNISON;
  • Aileen Burmeister, national co-ordinator, Fair Trade Wales;
  • Liz Murray, Trade Justice Scotland

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