The World Transformed (TWT) is a four-day politics, arts and music festival running alongside the Labour Party Conference. Global Justice Now is looking forward to hosting a number of sessions this year, including an international evening, which will bring global justice and international solidarity to TWT!

Bloomsbury, London

Join Rachmi Hertani of Indonesia for Global Justice and Global Justice Now's Nick Dearden to discuss corporate trade deals, neoliberalism and the global south, and how we can work together globally for an economy that puts people before profit.


Throughout media and politics, migrants are regarded with suspicion and blamed for all society’s ills. But is this really a migrant crisis, or a crisis of inequality? As part of the Edinburgh World Justice Festival, our panellists ask; Why are people forced to leave their homes? How do we connect the dots between the symptoms of global inequality? What is really to blame for this so-called ‘migrant crisis’? And how can we work to make a change?


Europe for the Many will bring together progressives from across the continent for two days of discussion, reflection and action planning. Speakers include Portuguese prime minister Antonio Costa, Caroline Lucas MP, economist Ann Pettifor, Greek finance minister Euclid Tsakalotos and Global Justice Now's Nick Dearden