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Winning a fossil-free future

Winning a fossil-free future


When: 7:00 pm, January 22, 2024
Campaigns: Climate

The international fight against fossil fuels and the case for a global exit plan


  • Harjeet Singh, head of global engagement, Fossil Fuel Treaty Initiative (India)
  • Caroline Lucas MP, Green Party
  • Ivonne Yanez, president, Acción Ecológica (Ecuador)
  • Seble Samuel, head of African campaigns, Fossil Fuel Treaty Initiative
  • Izzie McIntosh, climate justice campaigner, Global Justice Now
  • Chair: Nick Dearden, director, Global Justice Now

While the UN climate conference declaration talked about the need to “transition away from fossil fuels”, the final text was littered with loopholes. Yet the conference also saw a parallel effort gain traction, with fossil fuel producer Colombia becoming the latest country to call for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty. With so much money and so many vested interests involved, winning the end of the fossil fuel era isn’t going to be easy, but there’s no way out of the accelerating climate crisis without it. The international campaign for a Fossil Fuel Treaty is naming the problem and building momentum towards a global exit plan from fossil fuels which is both rapid and fair.

Join us for the launch of Global Justice Now’s new UK-wide campaign for a Fossil Fuel Treaty. Our speakers will discuss the international fight against fossil fuels, the hows and whys of the treaty itself, and crucially, how you can help make the treaty happen from wherever you are in the UK.

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