What’s so wrong with multinational corporations?

What’s so wrong with multinational corporations?


When: October 15, 2020

6pm–8pm, Thursday 15 October

Join Liverpool Global Justice Now youth activists, with:

  • Paddy Fraine (Liverpool Global Justice activist) 
  • and Sam Lund-Harket, (Global Justice Now campaigner).

Big pharmaceutical companies are likely to profit from a coronavirus vaccine while fossil fuel companies have some of the highest turnovers in the world. In 2020 multinational corporations are more powerful than ever.

This workshop will explore why corporate power is such a dominant force in society and how our economy is built for and shaped by multinational corporations. We will look at the consequences of this and those who are trying to change the system for the better – demanding social and economic justice.

This online interactive workshop is being organised by and for young people in Liverpool, but is open to those across the country. Aimed at those under 30.