Webinar: US political crisis and the need for internationalism

Webinar: US political crisis and the need for internationalism


When: June 8, 2020

Monday 8 June, 3:00–4:30pm (BST)

Join our panel as they analyse the events in US, their causes and their global repercussions, and the need to create a new world out of this crisis.


  • Abdul Alkalimat – an African-American activist-scholar of Black Studies, author of many books and papers on history of black liberation, race and class struggle in the US
  • Walden Bello – Filipino public intellectual and activist, on the accelerating decline of US hegemony in the world
  • Liz Fekete – director, Institute of Race Relations (London) on UK/European perspective on UK – US relations, the rise of fascism in the US, Europe and globally
  • Chaired by Dorothy Guerrero, head of policy at Global Justice Now

The webinar will take place on Zoom. Register in advance to be emailed a link.


Centuries of structural inequalities and racism in the US, Trump’s catastrophic handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and yet another black man’s death at the hands of US law enforcement witnessed in national and global news have created the explosive country-wide mass uprising there that we see now.

Deep-seated anger over frequent police killings of black Americans ignited a wave of anti-racist resistance both in the USA and worldwide Around the world, in rich and poor countries, the pandemic has highlighted inequalities kept in place by rigged rules from unjust structures and institutions. Anti-poor trade rules, debt-traps that re-colonised entire countries and systemically racist migration policies put corporate profit above human life and the environment and pave the way for the rise of the far right and white supremacists.

The only alternative is cooperation, solidarity and resistance in order to democratise society’s resources for the common good. We need to build a form of internationalism built around meeting people’s needs and prioritising a dignified life for everyone on the planet.

Photo: Wikimedia