Webinar: Is there a new ‘red-green’ tide in Latin America?

Webinar: Is there a new ‘red-green’ tide in Latin America?


When: 6:30 pm, October 5, 2022
Where: Online

Join speakers from Latin American social movements for this webinar on new progressive governments and the challenges they face


  • Cassia Bechara, Landless Workers’ Movement, Brazil
  • Yasna Tapia, Commons Party, Chile
  • Tatiana Garavito, Colombian climate justice organiser


Earlier this year, Gabriel Boric became president of Chile, having been elected on a green left platform and vowing to ‘fight the privileges of the few’. His election was preceded by the return to power of leftists in Bolivia, Peru and Honduras, and followed by the election of Colombia’s first ever leftwing president, Gustavo Petro, and vice president Francia Márquez, an Afro-Colombian environmental activist.

Twenty years ago Latin America saw a ‘pink tide’ of leftist governments elected. Are we seeing a similar political shift now? How are these elections related to the growing feminist movement in the continent, to Indigenous movements, and to the struggles against mining and ‘extractivism’? What are the prospects of Colombia’s President Petro moving the country away from fossil fuels as he promised? What kind of a setback is it that Chileans rejected a new progressive constitution in a plebiscite on 4 September? And if Lula makes a comeback in Brazil in October, can Latin America once again become a global beacon of hope for fundamental change?

Organised by Global Justice Now. Register to join the webinar via a Zoom link.

Cassia Bechara is a member of the International Relations Collective of the Movimento dos Trabalhadores sem Terra (MST) or the Landless Workers’ Movement, one of the biggest social movements in Brazil. MST was formed at the height of the struggle against the Brazilian military regime during the 1970s and closely worked with the new Workers’ Party. It has used land occupations to win land redistribution for hundreds of thousands of people and organises for a new food system based on agroecology and food sovereignty.

Yasna Tapia is a councillor of the commune of Santiago, Chile. She is an ecofeminist and a member of the Commons party (Comunes), which is part of the Frente Amplio political coalition of the government of Gabriel Boric. Yasna is also part of the movement for water that is promoting the rights to nature, water and territories in the new constitution.

Tatiana Garavito is a Colombian facilitator and organiser working on the intersections of race, gender and climate justice. She is affiliated with Tipping Point UK, Organising for Change, Guerilla Foundation, Justice Together Initiative and Wretched of the Earth.