Webinar: Corporate courts – communities fight back
Corporate courts - communities fight back

Webinar: Corporate courts – communities fight back


When: 18/09/2021 @ 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm
Campaigns: Climate, Trade


  • Aldo Orellana López, Bolivian activist and journalist
  • Maria Rita D’Orsogno, Italian activist
  • Nicolás M Perrone, Argentinian academic and author


Corporate courts (or ISDS*) are secretive tribunals written into trade deals that enable corporations to sue countries for billions. They are increasingly being used by fossil fuel companies to challenge climate action.

Join us for an online webinar to hear from communities around the world fighting corporate courts and the environmentally and socially devastating extractive projects often at the heart of ISDS disputes.

This event is part of a nationwide day of action organised on 18 September, where activists across the UK will take action against ‘corporate courts’.

Our speakers will talk about:

  • a new corporate court case being brought by London-listed mining companies over the expansion of the biggest open pit coal mine in Latin America in northern Colombia
  • the popular mobilisation against the oil drilling project at the heart of the Rockhopper corporate court case brought under the controversial Energy Charter Treaty.
  • the origins of corporate courts as a corporate reaction to the anti-colonial struggles of the twentieth century

Organised by: Global Justice Now and War on Want


*Corporate courts are formally known as ISDS or investor-state dispute settlement.