We Rise 2021

We Rise 2021


When: 10/04/2021 @ 12:00 pm to 10/04/2021 @ 4:00 pm
Campaigns: Youth

We Rise

Join the Global Justice Now youth network for a day of inspiring speakers, discussion, workshops and movement building.


  • LARISSA KENNEDY (President, NUS)
  • MARY LOU MALIG (climate justice activist, Bolivia)
  • NICK DEARDEN (author, Trade Secrets/director of Global Justice Now)
  • UMUNYANA RUGEGE (Section27, South Africa)
  • CAMERON JOSHI (GJN youth network)
  • SHUNAJI (Rapper/singer) …and more!

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Covid-19 has thrown us into unprecedented times, but there’s one clear continuity – massive global inequality. Corporate monopolies mean poorer countries will have to wait years to roll out the Covid vaccine. Governments are keen to return to Big Business as usual, even though that’s what has been driving the climate crisis, with global south countries hit hardest. But from the uprising in Chile to the farmers’ protests in India, people everywhere are fighting back against a world dominated by corporate power.

Young people have been a driving force behind this ongoing global revolt, as well as in struggles against other kinds of inequalities which interconnect with them – from Black Lives Matter to feminist organising. In every case, that has involved coming together, sharing ideas, and organising collectively. That’s what we’ll be doing at We Rise on 10 April too, challenging the powerful and creating a future we want. Join a day of great speakers, virtual workshops and discussion, created by and for the Global Justice Now youth network.

Sessions will include:

System change not climate change – Freedom of movement for all – People over profit: the fight for affordable medicine – Active anti-racism – Trade deals – Creative workshops and live music

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