TTIP Day of Action: Manchester

TTIP Day of Action: Manchester


When: April 18, 2015

People of Manchester – we need you! 

In solidarity with the international day of action against TTIP, that is taking place all over Europe and the US, we are going to do an awareness-raising flashmob in the centre of Manchester. 

There will be no singing or dancing, and nothing to prepare – the design is incredibly simple so that anyone can take part! For the stunt to look good – we need bodies, so come along for some friendly activism on the 18th April :)

We will brief people in Greenfish (46-50 Oldham Street, Manchester, M4 1LE) at 12pm, and the action in the City Centre will take place at 1pm.  It will be finished by 1.30. 

For more information and details please email Rowan