Just Trade Principles launch at the Scottish parliament

Just Trade Principles launch at the Scottish parliament


When: January 16, 2018


What:   Launch of Trade Justice Scotland Coalition’s ‘Principles for Just Trade’, and discussion about post-Brexit trade deals

When:  January 16, 6-8pm

Where:  Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh

After Brexit, the UK will begin negotiating its own trade deals. It’s likely that they will be based on highly controversial deals like TTIP (EU-US trade deal) and CETA (EU-Canada trade deal). These type of deals hand unprecedented levels of power to corporations, weaken democracy and threaten the ability of our governments at Westminster and Holyrood to take public policy decisions designed to protect people and the planet.


While trade policy is reserved to Westminster, the impacts of trade deals are felt in many areas devolved to the Scottish Parliament, including health, environment, food safety and local procurement.  

And yet, as things stand, NONE of our elected politicians at Westminster or Holyrood will have any say on the content of those trade deals, or a chance to vote in favour of or against them.  We need to ensure our members of parliament have powers to stop unfair trade deals and that Scotland has a voice.  Come along to our event and hear how trade deals could be for public good not corporate profit, what to expect as Brexit approaches and how the negotiating and passing of trade deals could be a more open, transparent and democratic process.


Liz Murray Global Justice Now

Simon Macfarlane UNISON Scotland

Jean Blaylock UK Trade Justice Movement 

This event is open to all, but you must be registered in order to attend on the night.  Click on the link below to RSVP
Light refreshments will be provided