Trade that does good

Trade that does good


When: March 25, 2017

Saturday 25 March, 1.30pm – 16.30

Committee Room 1

Dundee City Council

14 City Square


(1pm start for those who need a short update on EU trade deals before we begin)

Politicians and corporations keep drawing up dodgy, toxic trade deals (like TTIP and CETA) so it’s time we put our heads together and worked out not just what we don’t like but what we do want trade deals to look like and who we think they should be for. This way politicians will have no excuse for not knowing what a deal that benefits citizens could look like and no excuse for mindlessly agreeing with whatever deal is placed in front of them.

This event is a space for ‘blue-sky’ thinking on the ins and outs of what our ideal trade deals would look like. Members of the Trade Justice Scotland (formerly Scotland Against TTIP) coalition will be bringing 5-minute pitches on what they think should be included in a trade deal and in-between these there will be plenty of time for debate and discussion. Input and expertise on the day from Jean Blaylock, Global Justice Now’s trade policy campaigner.

The conversations from the event will lead to the creation of our ‘principles for trade deals’ which we can use to lobby politicians and inform the public.

All are welcome to attend but please register on eventbrite in advance for a free ticket.

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