Take Back Our World

Take Back Our World


When: January 28, 2017

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Big business has a grip on our lives and society like never before.  Of the 100 wealthiest economic entities in the world, 69 are corporations and only 31 are countries.  As multinationals increasingly dominate areas traditionally considered the domain of the state, it’s time to ask some big questions.  Who really owns and runs Scotland?  What’s the point of independence from Westminster if big business is still in charge?  How are others around the world taking back control from corporations?   

To start finding answers to these questions, the Radical Independence Campaign and Global Justice Now are putting on this special event in Glasgow on 28 January 2017. Speakers from the movement for democracy at home will join those resisting corporate greed and exploitation around the world. In this period of rapid political change, there has never been a more important time to get organised to challenge the rich and powerful. 

You can now download a full programme for the day (pdf)

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Speakers include: 
Larry Sanders (political activist and brother of US politician Bernie Sanders)
Dorothy-Grace Guerrero (economic justice and climate change campaigner)
Monica Vargas Collazos and Brid Brennan (Transnational Institute)
Professor David Miller (Spinwatch)
Hilary Wainwright (Red Pepper)
Christine Berry (New Economics Foundation)
Geneviève Savigny (La Via Campesina)
Adam Ramsay (Open Democracy)
Patti Kydd (Switched on London)
Mika Minio-Paluello (Platform)
Simon Macfarlane (UNISON Scotland)
Tiffany Kane (Common Weal)
Professor Robert McMaster (Glasgow University)
Bryan Simpson (Better than Zero)
Angela Haggerty (CommonSpace)
Bella Crowe (Nourish Scotland)
Jonathan Shafi and Myshele Haywood (Radical Independence Campaign)
Nick Dearden, Jean Blaylock, Melissa Cespedes del Sur, Liz Murray and Kirsty Haigh (Global Justice Now).  

The event will feature talks, workshops and debates on how corporations are capturing the government, the media and the global commons, how politicians are aiding this by promoting neoliberal trade deals and privatisation, but also how communities and campaigners from around the world are successfully fighting this takeover. Take Back Our World will provide activists here in Scotland with the tools for tackling the corporate elite and bringing power back into the hands of the many, where it belongs.

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