Together We Are Powerful: Stories of Resistance

Together We Are Powerful: Stories of Resistance


When: September 21, 2019

Custom Lane Gallery, 1 Customs Wharf, Edinburgh, EH6 6AL

21 September, 9am-8pm (evening speakers from 6pm)

Global Justice Now, in collaboration with the Take One Action film festival, are proud to present Together We Are Powerful, a unique exhibition collecting images and artefacts from decades of creative activism as communities around the world, from Scotland to the global south, rally against big business and demand that human lives come before corporate profit.

From poisoned land in the Amazon to stolen food across Africa, from Scottish fracking to shadowy corporate courts suing whole nations, for many years there has been a total imbalance between what’s right and what’s profitable. Corporations hold all the power, and the people often have little recourse to fight back. And yet as long as there has been corporate power, there have been people working tirelessly to hold companies to account. 

Together We Are Powerful collects examples of creative activism from around the world, from one-man campaigns to mass mobilisations, and connects these powerful campaigns to the wider push for corporate accountability. Join us for an inspiring journey through decades of people power and imaginative action, try out some ideas for yourself, and learn about how you too can work to create a fairer world, where people and planet are valued over profit.

Join us as well in the evening for Sharing Activist Journeys, where our guest speakers will discuss their own experiences battling corporate power and corruption in Scotland and around the world.