Stop the toxic trade deal with Trump

Stop the toxic trade deal with Trump


When: February 13, 2020


Thursday 13 February 7pm


St Luke’s Community Centre, 90 Central Street, London EC1V 8AJ (Old Street Tube)


Nick Dearden, Director Global Justice Now

Gay Lee, Keep Our NHS Public

Vicki Hird, Sustain

The proposed US-UK trade deal will be a negotiation done on Trump’s terms. The UK will have have ceased to be a part of one of the most powerful trading blocs in the world. Trump has shown he is willing to use foreign policy threats and unilateral sanctions to bully countries to get what he wants. Briefly put, that’s ‘America First’.

It’s more than chlorinated chicken. This deal will lead to cementing the power of the big tech corporations like Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook. De-regulation will rip through the retail sector and unsafe chemicals, practices and goods will be green-flagged for import to the UK. GMOs, chemically-treated and industrially-farmed agricultural goods will become the norm and UK farmers and producers will be undercut by the huge economies of scale in the US with the lightest regulation anywhere in the ‘developed’ world.

US Corporations will be gifted the right to sue our government if policy is deemed a hinderance to their profit making.

We need to stop this deal. Come to discuss how and join the resistance.