Stop the Arms Fair 2015: Environment Day of Action

Stop the Arms Fair 2015: Environment Day of Action


When: September 9, 2015

This September, DSEI, one of the world’s biggest arms fairs, comes to London’s ExCel Centre. From 15-18 September, more than 1000 companies & 30,000 attendees will showcase their weapons and make deadly deals with buyers from across the world, including those from countries with serious human rights problems.

Join groups and campaigners for a creative action on Wednesday 9 September and workshops calling for a shift from Arms to Renewables to demonstrate the kind of future we want to see. Bring creativity, energy, banners, flags & drums!

Climate change is one of the biggest threats that we face. Millions of people already face food and water shortages. Extreme weather events, flooding and droughts will displace populations and create conflict over resources. If we really want a safer world, we must cut carbon emissions fast.

Yet governments routinely put military spending before tackling climate change: The UK spends 25 times more on weapons research than research into renewable energy.

There is an alternative. Shifting priorities would secure green jobs for the future and improve human security rather than threaten it.

– Speakers: John Stewart from Campaign Against Climate Change. John has been an environmental campaigner for over 30 years. He was centrally involved in the campaigns against road building in the 1980s and 1990s and the one million climate jobs campaign.

– Workshop on Energy Democracy facilitated by Global Justice Now and Fuel Poverty Action

More details about the day to be confirmed soon.

September 9th – Stop the Arms Fair: Environment Day of Action. Get Involved!

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