Refugees Welcome Here

Refugees Welcome Here


When: September 17, 2016

Join our People Not Profit bloc on the national Refugees Welcome demonstration in London to demand the UK government does more to help refugees and counter the poisonous rhetoric around migration.

We’ll assemble from 12 noon at the tea hut, just south of Speakers’ Corner (map).

People move for many reasons. Some can move freely to other countries, while others, especially those from the global south, are met with closed borders and persecution.

Migration should be a right for everyone – not just for the privileged few.

It’s time we stopped demonising migrants and start tackling the real problems that force people to move – problems like free trade deals which destroy poor country economies; problems like exploitative corporations which avoid paying tax; like climate change which is destroying livelihoods; the arms trade and western military intervention; and vast global inequality.

UK corporations and government policies are at the centre of many of these problems. So we have a duty to both welcome people fleeing war and poverty, as well as changing the UK’s damaging relationship with the rest of the world, and starting building a global economy for people, not for profit.

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Solidarity with Refugees, who initiated the demo, have also set up a Facebook group to help people find coaches from their area, and to advertise those which have been organised.