Protest: We demand a people’s vaccine

Protest: We demand a people’s vaccine


When: 11:00 am, May 11, 2021 to 3:00 pm, May 11, 2021
Campaigns: Pharma

Protest the AstraZeneca AGM!

As AstraZeneca holds its AGM, join us for a Covid-safe protest outside their offices in Cambridge or Macclesfield.

Cambridge: Meet 11am, AstraZeneca Academy House, 136 Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 8PA

Macclesfield: Meet 12 noon, Banbury Park, Macclesfield SK10 2NW (around the corner from AstraZeneca’s offices, Charter Way, Macclesfield SK10 2NA)

With speakers, workshops and performances.

Tell AstraZeneca: 

  • No price hikes  Keep the vaccine affordable for all countries. 
  • Share the technology Join the WHO’s technology pool. 
  • Suspend the patents  The UK government must stop blocking requests from global south countries to waive the patents on Covid vaccines and treatments. 

We need a people’s vaccine, not a profit vaccine! 

All welcome. Just come along.

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Macclesfield (North)

Cambridge (South)

Read more here about why we’re targeting AstraZeneca.

How you can help on the day

  1. Follow Global Justice Now on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for updates on the day, and share our videos and pictures.
  2. Tag, ‘ @ ‘ AstraZeneca in your posts. We want them to see online support behind our actions!
    • Instagram handle: @astrazeneca
    • Twitter handle: @astrazeneca