A progressive foreign policy

A progressive foreign policy


When: October 8, 2018

When:  12.30-13.30, Monday October 8

Where: SNP conference, Boisdale 2, Ground Floor, SEC Centre, Glasgow


A progressive foreign policy: how Scotland could do things differently on defence, aid and trade

For too long UK government foreign policy has been driven by notions of national self interest, empire and an uncritical belief in free markets and multinational business.  This fringe meeting will turn those ideas on their head and show how Scotland could have a foreign policy based on principles of peace, social justice and a recognition of the need to redistribute economic and political power in the world.


Nick Dearden,  Global Justice Now
Kirsty Haigh, Jubilee Scotland
Jonathon Shafi, New Foreign Policy


Jenni Davidson, Holyrood Magazine

Please note you’ll need to have a pass for the conference in order to be able to come to the fringe meeting