Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal – London hearing

Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal – London hearing


When: November 3, 2018

3-4 November 2018

Friends House, London, NW1 2BJ

This November the hostile environment is going to be put on trial.

This is the fourth in a series of tribunals which have challenged the way in which migrants and refugees are treated within Fortress Europe. A panel of expert jurors will be hearing evidence from migrants, refugees and organisations that work in solidarity with them. It will be looking at the hostile environment with a particular focus on its impact on the right to work (or the right not to!) and the treatment migrants and refugees receives when working. 

Hostile environments have been created throughout Europe which is why previous hearings have been held in Barcelona, Palermo and Paris. All too often migrants are excluded, over-exploited and seen as disposable labour. 

We must come together to fight for fundamental human rights as well as identifying and promoting appropriate mechanisms for access to justice. 

This will also be an opportunity to celebrate resistance that has occured and is occurring including strikes and campaigns led by migrants which have caused some aspects of the hostile environment to backtrack. 

Join the hearing to create a true peoples’ tribunal!

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