#OurLand Festival

#OurLand Festival


When: August 7, 2016

432 private land owners own half of the private land in rural Scotland.  Those land owners make up less than one per cent of the population of Scotland.  As a country, Scotland has the most concentrated pattern of large scale private land ownership in the world.

If land in Scotland’s countryside, cities, towns and villages is to be accessible, affordable, productive and in the hands of the many and not the few, then we need bolder and braver land reform.

Global Justice Now, Common Weal, local communities and land reform campaigners across Scotland are holding a second #OurLand Festival this year, during August and September.  There will be events across the country, including film screenings, speakers and local walks, showing that there’s still work to do to make land more accessible, productive and democratically owned in Scotland. 

We’re calling for:

  • Transparency: everyone should know who owns land
  • Productivity: policy should encourage land to be used productively
  • Affordability: tax should help make land more affordable
  • Availability: more people should have more chance of buying more land
  • Accountability: public land should be used for public good

For more information and to find an event near you, see the Our Land website and look out for the hashtag #OurLand on twitter.