The Hostile Environment and modern day slavery

The Hostile Environment and modern day slavery


When: October 25, 2019

When:  Friday 25 October, 6-8pm

Where:  Room MUIR 420, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, B15 2TT

Join us for a panel discussion on modern day slavery and how the Hostile Environment is impacting communities in Birmingham. Hear from the *Asylum Support and Immigration Resource Team (ASIRT)*, *The Adavu Project* for modern day slavery survivors and *Global Justice Now* campaigners on what we can do to support migrant justice today.

The Hostile Environment for migrants is a policy created by the UK government which aims to create a culture of fear for those without the right to reside in the UK. The Home Office’s immigration system turns MPs, healthcare professionals, teachers and landlords into border guards. It is a driver of destitution and a cynical tool for dividing our communities. At best, it is incompetent, at worst it is racist.

Forced migration and modern slavery is a reality for tens of thousands in the UK today. The Hostile Environment policy leaves those vulnerable to exploitation at the mercy of those holding them captive. Often in debt to their captors, they live both in fear of their employers and fear of repercussions from the state.