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Global Day of Action for a #PeoplesVaccine

Global Day of Action for a #PeoplesVaccine


When: March 11, 2021
Campaigns: Pharma

Join the Global Day of action on 11 March, to ramp up the pressure for a #PeoplesVaccine, not a profit vaccine.

Our best chance of ending this pandemic is to ensure that everyone, everywhere has access to Covid-19 vaccines, tests and treatments. But pharmaceutical monopolies are restricting supply, leaving countries in the global south waiting up to 2023 for widespread vaccination. This will lead to even more unnecessary loss of lives and allow the virus to spread and mutate, which will threaten everyone as no one is safe until everyone is safe

We cannot stay silent in the face of vaccine apartheid.  

On 11 March, one year since the WHO declared a COVID-19 pandemic, people from around the world will be calling for a People’s Vaccine – affordable for all countries and free to the public.

We will be demanding that:

  • Pharmaceutical companies openly share their technological know-how to make their vaccines. They can do this through joining the World Health Organsiation Covid-19 Technology and Access Pool (C-TAP).
  • Governments suspend patent rules at the World Trade Organisation on Covid19 vaccines, treatments and testing during the pandemic.

This will help break Big Pharma monopolies and increase supplies so there are enough doses for everyone, everywhere.

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