Global climate strike

Global climate strike


When: September 20, 2019


“To change everything, we need everyone. It is time for all of us to unleash mass resistance”.*

Young people around the world have been walking out of school on Fridays to protest the lack of government action on the climate emergency.  Now they are calling on adults to join them for a week of protest, starting with a global climate strike on Friday 20 September.

Global Justice Now is giving its full support to the global climate strike, and we’ll be out there on the streets along with millions of others around the world to demand climate justice and an end to the age of fossil fuels. Nothing like this, on this scale, has been done before. But the scale of the climate emergency means it’s vital.

There will be marches and protests across the UK and around the world.  Millions of people are expected to leave their workplaces and homes and take to the streets.  Will you join us?

Organise your workplace, get your friends and family to march, bring your banners. Together we are powerful.

Join the Global Climate Strike

Find out what’s being planned in your area or how to organise something yourself locally.


For millions of people around the world, climate change is a crisis which has already arrived. Most of those people have made virtually no contribution to climate change, while just 100 multinational corporations are responsible for 71% of carbon emissions.

Those most affected by climate breakdown are in the global south – in the countries which  were impoverished by colonialism and have then had decades of a global economy being rigged against them.

It’s going to take a mass movement to change that economic system. That’s why the global climate strike is such an important – and hopeful – moment.

* Greta Thunberg and the other global youth climate strikers call on adults to join the climate strike