A conversation with Gary Younge

A conversation with Gary Younge


When: May 20, 2019

Monday 20 May, 7pm

Amnesty International Human Rights Centre, 25 New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3EA

“We are here because you are there!”

While migration is always a hot topic in British political life, it is rarely presented in context. Britain’s wealth was built by exploiting the world. Sadly, too little has changed. Witness successive governments’ promoting arms sales and military interventions, toxic trade deals and the footloose behaviour of British big business, not to mention our role in fuelling disastrous climate change. Yet still, migrants are seen as ‘the problem’ to be ‘dealt with’.

Join award-winning author, broadcaster and columnist Gary Younge, as he analyses the role of Britain is making life intolerable for millions of people around the world, fuelling migration, but then scapegoating migrants and pulling up the drawbridge of those affected. Younge will expose the hypocrisy at the heart of British politics, and call for us to fundamentally question our view towards ever-hardening borders.

The event will be chaired by co-ordinator of Momemtum Laura Parker.