Divestment and climate justice

Divestment and climate justice


When: February 12, 2018

Our next activist led climate justice group meeting will include guest speaker Danielle Paffard to talk about the landscape of the divestment movement.

Danni is an expert on divestment who’s been involved in a range of grassroots movements working on social and environmental justice. Politicised by Climate Camp, she helped initiate the direct action network UK Uncut that put corporate tax avoidance firmly on the political map and is founder and chair of Move Your Money. Danni also appears pretty prominently in this video about the occupation of West Burton power station she took part in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HovQqw9jEJY
She currently works coordinating the rapidly growing fossil fuel divestment campaign in the UK for 350.org, and was recently featured in BBC 3’s documentary ‘Fighting the System’ about young activists.

The meeting will also focus on the issue of climate justice and how we as Global Justice Now activists can engage with divestment.

7pm on Monday 12 Feb at our offices near Oval.