Designing Democracy for the 21st century

Designing Democracy for the 21st century


When: May 10, 2016

Momentum is building for a citizens-led convention that looks critically at the present broken UK constitution and comes forward with proposals for democratic change.

Jon Trickett, the shadow minister for the constitutional convention, supports the idea, and King’s College  is drafting a proposal to create and run a convention.

This event will explore some crucial questions: why do we need a constitutional convention? How do we design one that will have the best outcome for citizens? Could a convention draft an entirely new constitution or should it recommend reforms? Should Parliament have the final say on a convention’s proposals?

Come and debate these and other issues with our panel and help build the pressure for substantial change.


  • Aisha Dodwell, Global Justice Now
  • Frances Foley, Unlock Democracy
  • Alan Renwick, Constitution Unit, University College London
  • Julie Timbrell, Occupy Democracy
  • Paul Feldman, Assemblies for Democracy
  • Eddie Molloy, Electoral Reform Society
  • Neal Lawson, Compass

Space is limited so register ASAP.