Corporate Power vs. Climate Justice
Corporate power vs. climate justice

Corporate Power vs. Climate Justice


When: March 20, 2023 to March 28, 2023
Campaigns: Climate, Trade, Youth

Join us for Global Justice Youth workshop series Corporate Power vs. Climate Justice: how we get rid of fossil fuel companies’ secret weapon

Book Leeds  Monday 20 March 4-5:30pm – Room 2, Leeds SU (2 Lifton Pl, Woodhouse, Leeds LS29JS)

Book Cardiff  Tuesday 28 March 3-4:30pm – P1. 12, Cardiff Met SU (UWIC Llandaff campus Western ave Cardiff CF5 2YB)

We know fossil fuel companies are making super-profits from the cost of living crisis. What’s less known is that they’re using a secret weapon to cash in huge pay-outs when their dirty projects are challenged by climate policies.

A shadowy parallel legal system underpins trade between countries and the globalised world that multinational corporations enjoy. It enshrines the rights of big business over people and planet, rigs the global economy and makes a mockery of democracy.

This is the ‘real stuff’ of global capitalism. In this talk, hear how we can dismantle one node of its neo-colonial architecture, sending shockwaves through the webs of power weaved by trade agreements and corporate courts.