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Action at Uniper: Stop corporate courts!

Action at Uniper: Stop corporate courts!


When: May 21, 2022
Where: Meet at Brimsdown train station at 12pm noon to walk to Enfield power station (13 minute walk) View on map
Campaigns: Climate, Trade, Youth

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Join us for a day of action against climate injustice!

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Fossil fuel companies are suing governments across the world at the cost of $18 billion for taking action against climate change.

Corporations are able to do this using corporate courts* which are part of international trade deals. Many of the fossil fuel corporations are using the Energy Charter Treaty, a giant corporate court deal between 49 countries, specifically for the energy sector. For example, Uniper and RWE are using the Energy Charter Treaty to sue the Netherlands over its coal phase out.

We will be protesting along with allies across Europe. Together we demand:

  • The UK and governments all across Europe exit the Energy Charter Treaty and to put an end to this unjust system of corporate courts
  • Uniper and other fossil fuel companies stop suing in corporate courts

Both are achievable initial steps in the fight for climate justice.

We demand real climate justice and a global economy that works for the many, not the few.

Stop corporate courts, stop climate criminals!

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More about corporate courts…

These secret tribunals perpetuate colonial systems of power and fan the flames of climate chaos. Two countries have already admitted that fear of being sued in corporate courts has led them to do less in their climate policy and the latest IPCC report specifically warned of the danger that fossil fuel companies will use corporate courts to “block” the fossil fuel phase out. All the while countries in the global south continue to suffer the worst effects of a climate crisis not of their making.

This system allows corporations headquartered in rich countries to continue to profit off climate chaos. Yet normal people in the UK are facing a huge attack on our cost of living because of the rise in prices of oil and gas. Instead of funding climate solutions, like insulating homes to reduce energy bills, the UK government is signing trade deals that support fossil fuel extraction. The fight to stop corporate courts goes hand in hand with stopping the rise in our costs of living!

Read more about corporate courts

*Corporate courts are officially known in the trade jargon as investor-state dispute settlement or ISDS

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Meet at Brimsdown train station in Enfield at 12pm noon to walk to Enfield power station (13 minute walk)

Brimsdown is a 20 minuet train journey from Liverpool street station, with trains leaving every half an hour (11:07/11:37/12:07/etc.)

Meet at Brimsdown train station at 12pm noon to walk to Enfield power station (13 minute walk)