Chicken Bloc at Together Against Trump

Chicken Bloc at Together Against Trump


When: July 13, 2018

Are you coming to the Together Against Trump protest in London on 13 July?

Join Global Justice Now on the Chicken Bloc.

Why a Chicken Bloc?

You can barely count the myriad reasons to protest against Donald Trump’s visit to the UK. But one of the most direct threats for people living in the UK is the prospect of a US/UK trade deal.

Trump and his trade representatives want, among other things, to stop the ban on chlorinated chicken in the UK so they can sell us chicken carcasses. Animal welfare and hygiene standards are different each side of the Atlantic meaning dead US chickens get washed in chlorine before being cooked and eaten in order to get rid of bacteria which aren’t present on UK or EU chickens. Effectively this is a ban on US chicken imports.

Chlorinated chickens have, therefore, become emblematic of the resistance to any potential corporate-driven trade deal that Trump wants to impose on the UK. Therefore our resistance to his visit is taking the form of concerned, but frankly carnivalistic chickens, dancing through the streets of London. We’ll have chickens, we’ll have sounds, we’ll be faintly ridiculous, but we’ll dance.

What’s the plan?

We want you to be in the Chicken Bloc. You can get yourself kitted out by buying a chicken costume online, by making a costume or a mask, there’s loads of ideas and instructions online.

We have 20 costumes to loan to protesters, get in touch with Guy Taylor at [email protected] to reserve one.

We will gather on the day at 1.30pm on the 13th July outside the Polish Embassy at the junction of Portland Place and Weymouth Street, W1B 1JA.

How can you help to get the word out?

1. Click attending on facebook event.

2. Invite your friends to take part in the event on facebook.

3. Forward on this information to your friends or any email lists that you manage.

If you can’t come to London why not organise something similar in your home town at one of the many events happening around the country. List of events happening at

Travelling from Manchester?

Global Justice Now is organising a coach from Manchester. Get your tickets on this page of the website.

Buk… buk…. buk…. BUK TRUMP!