Bristol Book talk: Pharmanomics

Bristol Book talk: Pharmanomics


When: 6:00 pm, April 16, 2024 to 8:00 pm, April 16, 2024
Where: Bookhaus, 4 Rope Walk, Bristol, BS1 6ZJ View on map
Campaigns: Pharma

In Pharmanomics, Global Justice Now director Nick Dearden digs down into the way we produce our medicines and finds that Big Pharma is failing us, with catastrophic consequences.

As the Covid pandemic made clear, Big Pharma is more interested in profit than health. Behind the much-trumpeted scientific breakthroughs, major companies found new ways of gouging billions from governments in the West while abandoning the Global South.

Since the 1990s, Big Pharma has gone out of its way to protect its property through the patent system. As a result, the business has focused not on researching new medicines but on building monopolies. This has fundamentally reshaped the relationship between richer and poorer countries, as access to new medicines is ruthlessly policed. In response, Dearden offers a pathway to a fairer, safer system for all.

Presented by Book Haus and Global Justice Now

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