Global Day of Action for Climate Justice

Global Day of Action for Climate Justice


When: December 9, 2023

With COP28 on the horizon, we’re starting to get organised for the Global Day of Action on Saturday 9 December.

From 30 Nov to 12 Dec, world leaders will be gathering for the Conference of Parties (COP), hosted and presided over by the United Arab Emirates. While we know the COP processes won’t hold all the solutions we need to tackle the climate catastrophe, the 9 December Day of Action will be a vital moment to build the strength of our movement across Britain and the globe.

We also know that we’ll face challenges in organising for early December. But, after the hottest summer on record and government backtracking on climate commitments, we must take this opportunity to come together and change the narrative.

Just like last year, there will be centrally-organised actions in London and Scotland, and local group actions all across the country.

We’re working on a leaflet aimed at the general public which will present a strong and clear argument for why urgent climate action is not only necessary but entirely possible and affordable – if we tax polluters and the wealthy to pay for it. It will present the case for a fast and funded transition that supports communities, creates jobs and improves lives, at the same time as tackling the climate crisis!

Keep an eye on this page for more updates, information and resources, but in the meantime, start thinking about plans for your local area, and you can add your action to the map when you’re ready. Think creatively, and get in touch with [email protected] with any questions!