Election 2019: What is Boris Johnson trying to hide about his trade deal with Trump?


The election campaign is in full swing and already the threat of a Trump trade deal has been making headlines. We now know the NHS could be forced to give an extra £500 million a week to US drug companies following a Trump trade deal, as Channel 4’s Dispatches has revealed.

But we also know there is more to come out. Ever since the Brexit referendum, officials from the Department for International Trade have been meeting their US counterparts for trade talks behind closed doors. This is where they have been discussing medicine prices.

What else has been on the table? We don’t know. We can’t know. We can guess, because the US has told us its wishlist. But the UK government refuses to come clean.

With a Freedom of Information request, Global Justice Now has forced ministers to release documents from some of these meetings. But as it stands they only contain pages and pages of blacked out text. It's a ludicrous sight.

The truth about trade talks needs to be out in the open in this election. Before we make our choices in the polling booths, we deserve to know what our government has been discussing behind closed doors with the Trump administration in our name.

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