Do it your way

Get creative with your own fundraising event

LucyDon't feel confined to our pre-arranged events in order to fundraise for justice. Why not get creative and let your imagination run wild? We’re constantly amazed by the ideas WDM supporters come up with.

Like Lucy, who, not content with ‘just’ running the Amsterdam marathon, set herself a whole alphabet’s worth of challenges all the way through to ‘Z’ for sea swimming in Zandvoort. She says:

“I’d already done a few races and I wanted to set myself a new challenge. I really believe in the work of the World Development Movement and I figured the more people I told what I was doing, the less likely I'd be to chicken out!”

Lucy we salute you!

Or Joel, who decided to gamble on his food for a week:

“Having learnt about food speculation from WDM's campaign, I had the idea of gambling upon my own food for a week by tossing a coin before each meal to determine whether or not I could eat. I soon learned the perils of living with a volatile and unpredictable food supply, and, fortunately, I survived. I was left with a sense of achievement but also of humility from a new found awareness of the ease at which my own basic needs have always been met.”

Whatever you want to do, however simple or extreme, WDM can help you along the way with fundraising advice and tips about how to publicise your event.