Current materials

Materials are A4 unless specified. Copies of most materials are available to groups for use at events and stalls (again unless specified as online only).

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Email with your name, address, the quantities you want, and the date you need them by, if any.



ACTION CARD: Stop corporate courts hammering democracy, February 2019

LEAFLET: Stop corporate courts hammering democracy, February 2019

BRIEFING: The case against corporate courts, February 2019

BRIEFING: Stop Corporate Courts: Questions and Answers, February 2019

BRIEFING: ISDS Files: Anglian Water v Argentina, February 2019 (2 pages)

BRIEFING: ISDS Files: Lone Pine v Canada, February 2019 (2 pages)

BRIEFING: ISDS Files: Philip Morris v Australia, February 2019 (2 pages)

BRIEFING: ISDS Files: Agro EcoEnergy v Tanzania, February 2019 (2 pages)

MODEL RESOLUTION: Model resolution on trade for Labour and SNP members, October 2018

BRIEFING: The Trans-Pacific Powergrab, October 2018 (8 pages)

SCOTLAND: Trade campaign update for Scottish activists, August 2018 (2 pages)

BRIEFING: E-pocalypse Now (e-commerce)

MP BRIEFING: Trade bill, November 2017 (2 pages) 

ACTIVIST GUIDE: Twenty ways to fight for trade democracy, September 2017 (20 pages)

BRIEFING: Giving away control? How Brexit will make UK trade deals less democratic and what to do about it, July 2017 (4 pages)

DISCUSSION PAPER: Ten alternatives to a corporate trade agenda, June 2017 (8 pages)

BRIEFING (SCOTLAND): Trade Justice Scotland Coalition, Principles for a just trade system, May 2017 (4 pages) - **ONLINE ONLY**

BRIEFING (SCOTLAND): Trade Justice Scotland Coalition, Principles for Just Trade deals, May 2017 (2 pages) - **ONLINE ONLY**

BRIEFING: Trading with Trump: What we can expect from a US-UK trade deal, April 2017 (8 pages)

BRIEFING: A blueprint for global privatisation: Why we need to stop the Trade in Services Agreement, August 2016 (8 pages)

BRIEFING: CETA: TTIP’s little brother, August 2016 (4 pages)

REPORT: Taxes on trial: How trade deals threaten tax justice, February 2016 (12 pages)

BRIEFING: Five reasons TTIP and CETA are a disaster for the climate, December 2015 (4 pages)

BRIEFING: Race to the bottom: Regulatory cooperation in TTIP: A blueprint for corporate domination?, October 2015 (6 pages)



POSTCARD: MPs not border guards

BRIEFING: How to talk to your MP about MPs not Border Guards

ILLUSTRATED BOOKLET: Free movement, February 2018 (16 pages)

BRIEFING: Hostile Environment, February 2018 (8 pages)

POSTER: Bin the Daily Mail - Migrants welcome here (A3)

LEAFLET: M&S stop advertising in the Daily Mail (A5) - **NO COPIES LEFT**

ACTION SLIP: M&S stop advertising in the Daily Mail (4 pages, credit card-size)

POSTER: M&S stop funding hate (A3)

LEAFLET/POSTER: This is not a migrant crisis (A3) - **NO COPIES LEFT**

BRIEFING: Migrant crisis or poverty crisis? (8 pages)

BRIEFING (SCOTLAND): We once were migrants too: supporting migrants' rights in Scotland (4 pages)



MP LOBBY PACK: Alternatives to the current pharmaceutical system, December 2018 (4 pages)

BRIEFING: Taking public control of medicines. November 2018 (8 pages)

REPORT: The people’s prescription: Re-imagining health innovation to deliver public value, October 2018 (60 pages)

MP BRIEFING: Pills and profits, February 2018 (2 pages)

REPORT: Pills and Profits: How drug companies make a killing out of public research, October 2017 (60 pages)

ACTION CARD: Sick of corporate greed, September 2017

ACTION CARD - HOW TO GUIDE: Sick of corporate greed how-to guide, September 2017

LEAFLET: Sick of corporate greed (A6 4 sided), September 2017

POSTER: Imagine if the NHS couldn't afford to save your life (A3) September 2017

CAMPAIGNER BRIEFINGS: Pharmaceuticals campaigner briefings (x5 briefings, A4, 10 page), September 2017


Corporate power

BRIEFING: Ending corporate impunity, July 2018 (8 pages)

BRIEFING: Animals, drugs and superbugs: How corporations are making us sick, December 2016 (3 pages)


Food sovereignty

REPORT: A People’s Food Policy, June 2017 (53 pages) - **NO COPIES AVAILABLE**

BOOKLET: Farmers under fire: The global fight for small farmers’ rights, February 2017 (8 pages)

BRIEFING: Post-Brexit alternatives to the Common Agricultural Policy, January 2017 (4 pages)

BOOKLET: On Solid Ground (agroecology), February 2015 (8 pages, A5)

REPORT: From The Roots Up (agroecology), February 2015 (68 pages)


Climate and energy justice

LEAFLET: Change the system not the climate, February 2018 (2 sides)

LEAFLET: Repowering the future: Municipal energy in practice (4 pages)

BRIEFING: Towards a just energy system - the struggle to end energy injustice, October 2014 (8 pages)



BRIEFING: Decimating Rights: The Consequences of the Great Repeal Bill, June 2017 (6 pages)



REPORT: Re-imagining UK aid - What a progressive strategy could look like, July 2017 (48 pages)

SUMMARY: Re-imagining UK aid - What a progressive strategy could look like, July 2017 (4 pages)

REPORT: Honest Accounts 2017: How the world profits from Africa’s wealth, May 2017 (12 pages) - **NO COPIES AVAILABLE**

BRIEFING: Inviting Scandal: DfID’s dangerous plans to expand its controversial private equity arm, December 2016 (9 pages) - **NO COPIES AVAILABLE**


Stop Trump

BRIEFING: The Dangers of Trump: The fight for global justice in the age of far-right populism, May 2017 (8 pages)

LEAFLET: Stop Trump coalition (A5, 4 pages)

POSTER: Don't want to live in a Trumped up world? (A3)



ISSUE 12: After Windrush, September 2018

ISSUE 11: Our health not their wealth, May 2018

ISSUE 10: Free trade vs democracy, February 2018

ISSUE 9: Sick of corporate greed, September 2017

ISSUE 8: The world in the age of Trump, May 2017

ISSUE 7: Challenging the rise of corporate power, January 2017

ISSUE 6: Monsanto on trial, September 2016 - **NO COPIES LEFT**

ISSUE 5: Another Europe is possible, May 2016

ISSUE 4: People power after Paris, January 2016

ISSUE 3: Food fight!, September 2015

ISSUE 2: Free trade fightback!, May 2015

ISSUE 1: Power to the people, January 2015 - **NO COPIES LEFT**


Exploring alternatives booklets

BOOKLET: Another Economy is Possible - economic democracy, September 2015 (A5, 16 pages)

BOOKLET: Seeds of Change - food sovereignty, February 2014 (A5, 16 pages)

BOOKLET: Rays of Hope - energy justice, December 2014 (A5, 16 pages)


General materials

LEAFLET: Internationalist network leaflet (A5, 4 pages)

LEAFLET: ‘There is No Alternative’ membership leaflet

SIGN-UP SHEET: Double-sided, Global Justice Now branded

BADGES - 'Global Justice Now' and 'People before profit'

‘HOW TO’ GUIDES: Guides to various aspects of activism