Coronavirus and global justice

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed our world in a matter of weeks. The UN has called it the biggest global challenge since World War Two, as every country attempts to deal with the twin shocks to public health and the economy.

At Global Justice Now we are campaigning for an internationalist response. From testing and treatment to bailouts and financial flows, the pandemic has held up a mirror to the inequalities in our world. We must do whatever we can to demand steps to save lives now, and lay the ground for a radically different future.


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The global south is being left at the mercy of the financial markets. We must keep campaigning to prevent a full-blown debt crisis

23 July 2020

While lockdown is easing here in Britain, across the world coronavirus cases continue to rise. In some countries, like El Salvador, health systems have been overwhelmed. In others, including parts of India, strict lockdowns have had to be reimposed in parts of the country. Across Africa, infections are rising rapidly.

The G20 continues to ignore calls to cancel the debts of the world’s poorest countries and stop funding fossil fuels

When the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared Covid-19 a global pandemic in March, it meant understanding that no one is safe unless everyone is safe. To fight against its spread, it's in everyone’s interest to bring the pandemic under control.

4 reasons we should be worried about big pharma's grip over publicly funded Covid-19 vaccines

Here are four reasons why we should be worried about big pharma’s grip over this publicly funded vaccine.