Complaints policy and procedure

Complaints policy and procedure

There may be occasions when you are not happy with the service you have received from us.

As a democratic organisation campaigning for justice and equality, Global Justice Now is led by the views of our supporters, members and activists. We welcome comments, feedback and suggestions and use these to improve what we do wherever possible. We will:

  • Treat complaints seriously and deal with them properly
  • Resolve complaints promptly and informally whenever possible
  • Learn from complaints and take action to improve our service
  • Ensure that complaints are treated in confidence.

What to do if you have a complaint

Please call 0800 328 2153, write to Supporter Care, Global Justice Now, 66 Offley Road, London, SW9 0LS or email [email protected]

What happens next?

If you complain over the phone, we will try to resolve the issue there and then. If you complain by email or in writing we will acknowledge your complaint within 10 working days and we expect most complaints to be resolved within that time. However, if we need to conduct further investigations, we will aim to provide a full response within 20 days of receipt of the complaint. If this is not possible, we will explain why and give a new deadline. Once you have made your complaint a member of staff may need to contact you for further information or clarification regarding the content of your complaint. For example, if the complaint is about a fundraising activity we will need to collect information about what you were sent, when and how you were contacted.

What if the complaint is not resolved?

If you are not happy with our response then you can get back in touch with us by writing or emailing to the Global Justice Now complaints coordinator c/o [email protected]  with the word “Complaint” in the title. Your complaint will be reviewed by a member of our organisational management team and Global Justice Now will respond in writing within 14 days. If for any reason you feel your complaint is still unresolved then please forward it to the director. 

Any concerns you may have relating to the above points will be handled swiftly and effectively. Global Justice Now is registered with the Fundraising Regulator who you can contact if  you would like to raise a concern relating to our fundraising and feel that we have not resolved it to your satisfaction. You can also raise a concern with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) if you have unresolved concerns about how we use your personal information outlined in our privacy policy.

Our donation policy

If you have any problems with a donation made to us or have made a payment in error and require a refund, please contact our London office or email [email protected].