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Trade has always been part of society and always will be. But trade deals and trade rules nowadays are no longer so much about what most people think of as trade. Instead, they are often about giving huge new powers to big business, affecting every aspect of society from the public services to online privacy, from climate action to food standards.

We are campaigning to ensure trade deals work for people and planet. We are doing this by fighting for parliament to have a meaningful say over trade deals, challenging high risk UK trade deals and calling for an end to corporate courts.

Stop the US trade deal

A US-UK trade deal could see chlorinated chicken on our shelves, sky high medicine prices for the NHS and action on the climate emergency blocked. We can't let that happen. >>> Find out more

Trade democracy

Parliament and the people currently have no real say over post-Brexit trade deals.  This is a massive democratic deficit. Thousands of us have taken action, and parliament agrees with us. >>> Find out more

Corporate courts

Trade and investment deals are giving big business unique powers to sue governments for democratic decisions that affect corporate profit. We are calling for an end to these corporate courts. >>> Find out more


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A trade deal with the US could lower standards for cosmetics, toys and many other consumer products

22 October 2020

The risks from a trade deal with the US are not limited to chlorinated chicken and hormone-pumped beef.  A US-UK trade deal could also result in the import of lower quality consumer products from the US containing chemicals currently banned or restricted in the UK.

Full list of MPs who failed to protect food standards in the Agriculture Bill

Last night MPs voted by a majority of 53 to remove an amendment from the Agriculture Bill that would have protected British farmers and food standards in future trade deals like the one with the United States.


We can defeat the US trade deal, whoever is in the White House

08 October 2020

This November, the US presidential election offers Americans a stark choice. Yet while the rest of us don’t get even get that choice, we will surely be affected by the results. On the most basic level, Trump’s rejection of multilateralism makes the world a more dangerous place. Pulling funding for the World Health Organisation in the middle of a pandemic is a case in point.

Latest news

Events have taken place around the UK today to protest against the government’s proposed trade deal with the United States. It comes ten days ahead of the US Presidential election and follows the fifth round of negotiations over the deal, which took place this week.

Campaigners call on peers to force government to listen to parliament on trade deals, to protect food standards and the NHS

Global Justice Now legal challenge sees UK government criticised for secrecy over trade talks.


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Stop the US trade deal A5 leaflet

September 2020

This two-sided A5 leaflet makes the basic case against the US trade deal without assuming too much prior knowledge, focusing on the threat to public services, the attack on our standards and the way the deal could block climate action.

We have plenty of pre-printed copies of this, so email to order them in multiples of 50.

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What's at risk in Scotland from a US-UK trade deal?

July 2020

This wee 12-page booklet shows the different ways that a trade deal with the US could affect Scotland.

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Stop the US trade deal window poster

June 2020

Display your opposition to the US trade deal with this A4 poster, for use in windows at home or elsewhere.