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Trade has always been part of society and in itself it could be a good thing. But trade deals are no longer just about selling more goods to other countries. Instead, they are often about giving huge new powers to big business, affecting every aspect of society from the public services to online privacy, from environmental protection to food standards.

We are campaigning to ensure trade deals work for people and planet. We are doing this by fighting for parliament to have the powers to scrutinise and approve future trade deals, challenging future UK trade deals and making sure they do not include  corporate courts.

Get active against the US-UK trade deal

We have developed a number of ways you can get active against this pernicious trade deal - no matter what your circumstances. Whether you want to hit the streets or cannot leave your home, there's action you can take to stop the deal.
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Organising locally against the US trade deal.

Trump in your trolley

The issue of chlorinated chicken and other horrendous affronts to food safety on these shores has become emblematic of this toxic trade deal. With our spoof packaging campaign, your local supermarket could be facing the prospect of seeing these products on its shelves a little ahead of time! Find out more and order your free pack today.

Everything you need to know about the US-UK trade deal

Trade Secrets is Global Justice Now director Nick Dearden's clear and concise guide to the US trade deal and how we can stop it. Order your free copy today

Trade democracy

Parliament and the people currently have no real say over post-Brexit trade deals.  This is a massive democratic deficit. Thousands of us have taken action, and parliament agrees with us. >>> Find out more

Corporate courts

Trade and investment deals are giving big business unique powers to sue governments for democratic decisions that affect corporate profit. We are calling for an end to these corporate courts. >>> Find out more


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Scotland: Good Food Nation or Fast Food Nation?


The politics of food is maturing in Scotland, with progressive proposals for a 'right to food' and for Scotland to become a 'good food nation'. But the UK government's plans for a post Brexit internal market across the four nations of the UK, plus a trade deal with the US, could threaten these positive moves towards healthy, sustainably produced food. 

Don’t be fooled by the government’s pledge to keep the NHS out of a Trump trade deal, these are just empty words

The government published its long-awaited negotiating objectives for a US-UK trade deal this week which included categorical statements that the NHS and drug prices are not on the table. But this does not represent a victory for all who want to protect our NHS.

Trump in your trolley: how big business is pushing for lower standards through a trade deal with the US

23 January 2020

Big business wants to use a US-UK trade deal as a way to get deregulation that they have long been pushing for. Transnational corporations try to justify this by saying it would be easier for them to produce to one set of standards, but somehow it is always the lowest common denominator that they push for, not a raising of standards across the board.

Latest news

Global Justice Now legal challenge sees UK government criticised for secrecy over trade talks.

Published by Global Justice Now on 24 August, Nick Dearden’s new book is a comprehensive exposé of the corporate agenda behind the US trade deal.

Our reaction to the government's obesity strategy, published today.


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Stop the US trade deal A5 leaflet

September 2020

This two-sided A5 leaflet makes the basic case against the US trade deal without assuming too much prior knowledge, focusing on the threat to public services, the attack on our standards and the way the deal could block climate action.

We have plenty of pre-printed copies of this, so email to order them in multiples of 50.

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What's at risk in Scotland from a US-UK trade deal?

July 2020

This wee 12-page booklet shows the different ways that a trade deal with the US could affect Scotland.

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Stop the US trade deal window poster

June 2020

Display your opposition to the US trade deal with this A4 poster, for use in windows at home or elsewhere.