Trade justice

Trade has always been part of society and in itself it could be a good thing. But trade deals are no longer just about selling more goods to other countries. Instead, they are often about giving huge new powers to big business, affecting every aspect of society from the public services to online privacy, from environmental protection to food standards.

We are campaigning to ensure trade deals work for people and planet. We are doing this by fighting for parliament to have the powers to scrutinise and approve future trade deals, challenging future UK trade deals and making sure they do not include  corporate courts.

Trade democracy

As the UK leaves the EU, the powers to oversee and ratify trade deals will return to the UK. But the government's current Trade Bill transfers these powers directly into the hands of trade secretary Liam Fox, giving no effective role to the UK parliament over scrutiny and approval. >>> Find out more

Trade after Brexit

The UK government is lining up a raft of new trade deals post-Brexit which could pose huge threats on the environment, public services and food and agricultural standards. We will oppose future trade deals that harm people and planet. >>> Find out more

Corporate courts

Trade and investment deals are giving big business unique powers to sue governments for democratic decisions that affect corporate profit. We are calling for an end to these corporate courts. >>> Find out more


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Blockades and revolutions: my trip to Armenia

09 August 2019

Prepared to expose the toxic plans of a Jersey-registered mining firm, in June I set off to the picturesque mountains of Armenia to find out more about the firm’s corporate court lawsuit worth $2 billion against the Armenian government.

A Jersey mining company's $2 billion attack on Armenia's democracy

30 July 2019

For the past few months, we have been working to uncover the toxic plans of a Jersey-registered mining  firm called Lydian International, who are threatening a corporate courts lawsuit that would undermine the Armenian people’s struggle for democracy.

Meet the people on the frontline of the fight against corporate courts

Over the past few months we’ve been involved in an international movement against corporate courts - a system of secretive tribunals which big business can use to sue governments for taking actions that might threaten their profits.

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Campaign group Global Justice Now has accused Boris Johnson’s government of pushing ahead with an extreme US trade deal without a mandate from the public or parliament.

Campaigners have today expressed deep concern about the ability of Liz Truss to negotiate trade deals in the interests of people or the environment, fearing she will collude with a Trump administration to give US multinationals more power over British society. Boris Johnson announced the Trade Secretary’s appointment on Wednesday evening.

Trade campaigners have reacted with fury to the long-delayed results of the Department for International Trade’s four public consultations on post-Brexit trade deals, released today. They accuse the department of planning to ignore hundreds of thousands of responses demanding that the public is given a say over future trade deals, and expressing concern over the prospects for food standards and the NHS.


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Lydian v Armenia

July 2019

Mining company threatened to sue when protestors blockaded a gold mine and government allowed the protest to go ahead


£2 billion

Initial notification filed March 2019 using both a UK-Armenia and Canada-Armenia investment deal

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Tanzania v Biwater

May 2019

British water firm sues Tanzania for ending a failed water contract

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ISDS files - Chevron vs Ecuador

May 2019

US oil firm sued Ecuador after compensaton ordered for devastating Amazon oil spill.