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Our unjust economic system is driving climate breakdown

For millions of people around the world, climate change is a crisis which has already arrived. Many of those people have made virtually no contribution to climate change, while just 100 multinational corporations are responsible for 71% of carbon emissions.

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Power to the people

To get the urgent action we need on climate change, the climate justice movement needs to build a counterweight to the huge power of corporations. A zero carbon economy will also have to be one which is more democratic and which builds solidarity with those at the forefront of climate breakdown.

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COP26 climate talks

The next United Nations climate talks (the Conference of Parties, or COP) will place in Glasgow 1-12 November 2021 (postponed from 2020 due to the coronavirus). As part of a broad civil society coalition, we're making plans to mobilise around the summit and to help ensure that the voices of those most affected by the climate emergency are heard.

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Join our climate justice network

Our nationwide network of climate activists meets regularly to share updates on our climate campaigning and devise resources to promote climate justice. As well as helping to build the climate justice movement, our aim is to highlight the impact of the global economic system on the climate emergency, including the danger of free trade deals and how development funds are being used to finance fossil fuels.

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What will a Biden administration mean for the climate?

Many celebrated the electoral defeat of Donald Trump, danced in the streets and cried with tears of joy. For those from the progressive movements, it was a hard-earned victory born out of their collective power and strong political will to confront white supremacy and fascism. 

The government is moving closer to ending its overseas fossil fuel support

Time after time, the role of UK public finance institutions in fueling the climate emergency overseas has been exposed. Sustained civil society pressure has pushed the prime minister close to major announcement, but loopholes still remain.

Beware the rose-tinted spectacles and don’t bank on a fossil free COP26 just yet

Reports that the UK government may not accept sponsorship from fossil fuel corporations are falsely optimistic.

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Campaign group Global Justice Now has condemned new revelations of the UK government putting aid money into fossil fuel projects overseas. Revelations in CDC Group's annual report mean £668m of UK aid has financed fossil fuels overseas since Paris Agreement.


A sixth development secretary in five years speaks volumes about the government’s lack of interest in fighting global poverty.

Campaign group Global Justice Now lambasted the free trade policies of Boris Johnson today, claiming they represent both a threat to Britain’s public services and food system, and have brought runaway climate change a step closer. 


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The Case for Climate Justice: illustrated booklet

June 2020

Climate breakdown isn’t just an ecological crisis, serious though that is. It’s a crisis which exacerbates much of the inequality and injustice of the economic system it’s rooted in. But like climate change, economic systems are man-made. 

This booklet argues that by building a climate justice movement that challenges the powerful, we can make a world where the needs of people and the planet matter more than corporate profits.

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Decarbonising aid: why the UK must end its overseas fossil fuel financing before COP26

June 2020

Under the terms of the Paris Agreement, signed April 2016, the UK government committed to making global financial flows "consistent with a pathway towards low greenhouse gas emissions and climate-resilient development". Despite this, the UK continues to provide high amounts of finance for fossil fuel infrastructure overseas using the international development budget and UK Export Finance (UKEF) credits to UK businesses and exporters. 

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Five reasons modern trade deals are terrible for the climate

August 2019

Any lasting and just solution to climate change must lie in changing the economic and political structures that bind us to a high carbon model. Modern, mega trade deals will further entrench this model and make it all but impossible to reverse. This briefing outlines the reasons why we have to stop these trade deals if we are to successfully stop climate change.