Brexit red lines

Brexit red lines

The decision to leave the European Union is the biggest political choice the UK has made in a generation. In this precarious time, it is vital that we put down some clear red lines and say to both the UK government and the European Commission ‘this far but no further’.

This is why we have listed our top red lines for Brexit, seven issues on which we demand that the EU and UK negotiators refuse to roll back decades of social progress.These are not meant to be a definitive list of what an ideal Brexit agreement would look like, our ambitions for that go much further. But if we are successful in defending these seven red lines, we will have succeeded in averting the worst of what many activists feared Brexit would lead to.


Our Brexit red lines:

1) Free movement and migrant rights 

The UK needs to defend free movement, take on its fair share of refugees and reject unethical deals like the one signed between the EU and Turkey.

2) Strong climate change targets

Brexit cannot serve as an excuse for the UK to shirk its historical responsibility for climate change. The UK must work with the EU to secure at least an 80 % cut in CO2 emissions by 2030.

3) No toxic trade deals

The UK must reject TTIP, CETA and TISA, deals that threaten our public services and lock in privatisation while handing unprecedented power to corporations.

4) Protect Human Rights

The UK cannot leave the European Convention on Human Rights or repeal the Human Rights Act. To do so would be a green light for those who wish to abuse human rights across the world.

5) Protect workers’ rights

Gains in workers’ rights which have come from EU law, like paid holiday, maternity leave and decent treatment for temporary workers, must be retained.

6) No to tax haven UK

Brexit must not turn the UK into a huge offshore tax haven. The UK’s financial sector must be properly regulated if it wants to access the European market.

7) Safe and sustainable food

The UK must maintain EU food safety standards and set up a fairer, more sustainable agricultural policy that does not undermine progressive change in the rest of Europe.


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