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We should learn more from different development models

03 August 2011

Gordon Peters, WDM Edinburgh group

Sustainability has become a rather slippery term. In fact looking at donor aid agency agendas it seems as if sustainability is the nice, ecologically well-meaning dressing up of policies which continue to accelerate market penetration of southern livelihoods.

Stepping into activism – WDM groups gathering

28 July 2011

Rosa Fletcher, used to be Activism and events intern

Making a movement: WDM’s groups gathering is taking place on Saturday 17 September in Nottingham. Find out more and let us know you’re coming.

I always find it daunting taking that first step into a local group meeting, running through my head is the idea that everyone will know each other except me. However, I am always amazed at how welcoming people are towards new members in these situations.

The mighty may fall

28 July 2011

It seems like a different world now, but just four weeks ago I was sharing a coffee with a French friend of mine, Céline, and bemoaning Rupert Murdoch’s influence over the British press and, with that, public opinion. I simply couldn’t envisage this state of affairs doing anything but get worse and I depressed myself just talking about it. How times change!

Cuts have not brought about economic growth

25 July 2011

Official figures due out tomorrow are expected to show that, despite savage cuts in our public services, growth in the UK economy has at best halted or, in the worst case scenario, shrunk.

Hmm; we were told the cuts imposed on the UK by the coalition would achieve the economic growth that is supposedly essential for recovery of the UK economy.

Just Do It - Out in cinemas from 15th July

14 July 2011

Dan Iles - Regional network assistant (South West)

In an era when direct action is yet again becoming an important part of the activist toolbox, the film Just Do It attempts to open the lid on this often covert form of protest. 

To watch the trailer:

My Name is Dave - strikes and public protest

05 July 2011

I’ve become a bit of a placard and banner geek when it comes to marches and protests. Some people make exhibitions of them, I’ll just have to make do with sharing my favourite ones. This time it’s the ‘my name is Dave’ placard that was at the public sector workers’ strike on Thursday.

After the European stitch up of the IMF top job, the case for major reform is clearer than ever

30 June 2011

Hadiru Mahdi, Bretton Woods Project

As Christine Lagarde is briefed on her new job as the managing director of the IMF (the World Bank’s sister organisation, set up post-war to promote economic stability) we are left to reflect on the rigged selection process and sad inevitability of her appointment. The legitimacy of the Fund, already in pieces, was dealt a further blow by this debacle.

A threat to justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere

29 June 2011

I still don’t see the logic in any of this:

1) Reckless banking brings about a global financial crisis
2) The banks are bailed out with taxpayers’ money
3) The public sector pays - cuts and austerity measures are enforced
4) Bankers carry on as usual

Fighting for global justice on your doorstep

28 June 2011

So it’s the big strike on 30 June.  Hundreds of thousands of teachers, workers and public service workers are striking to protest at the governments austerity measures.  Measures driven by a desire to pursue a neo-liberal agenda that will damage public services and open the door the door of privatisation, putting profit before people.

A striking change

23 June 2011

Today campaigners in the west still protest in solidarity with people in the global south but now there is an even bigger group of people joining the call for an end to an economic system that benefits the few at the expense of the many. Citizens in Europe and the US are now feeling the brunt of policies that are being driven by the same ideology that impoverished poor communities in the global south.

Time to crush the IMF

21 June 2011

Adam Ramsay, Bright Green

The invisible debts

14 June 2011

Tim Jones, Jubilee Debt Campaign

Thanks to Keanu Reeves stealing historical figures for a history project in 1989, the one quote I think I remember from philosophy is from Socrates: ‘wisest is he who knows what he does not know’.

At a World Bank and Swiss government organised debt conference in Berne, there seemed a need for more acknowledgment of what we do not know.