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No new coal for Scotland - campaign success

27 June 2012

Ayrshire Power has just announced that it is shelving its plans for a new coal-fired power station at Hunterton in Ayrshire. This is great news – and reflects the huge amount of opposition that there’s been to the power plant ever since the proposal first came to light three years ago. 

Pilgrimage for Justice: Occupy Faith sets off

15 June 2012

The ominous grey skies of Thursday 7 June did nothing to dampen the high spirits of the pilgrims congregating on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral that lunchtime. I went there to join them at the beginning of the pilgrimage.

To exist is to resist: the struggle for water rights in Palestine

07 June 2012

On 23 May I went along to an event organised by Friends of the Earth in North London, an evening of discussion with incredibly inspiring Palestinian water activist Zayneb Al Shalafeh. Part of the grassroots Palestinian group Lifesource which has been campaigning for water justice for Palestinians since 2007, Zayneb focussed on the fact that the right to water is a right explicitly recognised under international law. 

Can economic partnership agreements be stopped?

One of the major challenges facing global justice campaigners today is stopping Europe forcing 'economic partnership agreements' (EPAs) on African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries.  

Three talks at the Grassroots 2012 conference

01 June 2012

I went along to the TUC organised “Grassroots” conference on Saturday 26th May at Congress House, Great Russell Street, just off the Tottenham Court Road. The wonderfully sunny weather set the positive mood for the conference: on arrival, conference attendees were not only treated to an array of stalls from a number of progressive organisations and campaigning groups, but the particularly impressive “Save our Placards” exhibition organised by students of Goldsmiths University. 

Use our 'subvertised' Rio+20 logos!

29 May 2012

The Rio+20 conference on sustainable development taking place at the end of June 2012 bills itself as an opportunity for people to come together to "shape how we can reduce poverty, advance social equity and ensure environmental protection". Sounds great, but here at the World Development Movement we're a bit sceptical about some of these claims (to say the least).

From B to C- Relearning the alphabet the hard way for WDM

29 May 2012

Guest post by Lucy Hurn, south west London group

South west London group member Lucy Hurn has been ‘doing the alphabet the hard way’ to raise vital funds for WDM. With B out the way Lucy tells us how she got on with C.

Rio+20: Whose green economy?

On Monday I went to an event organised by the UK parliament’s Environmental Audit Committee, on the Rio+20 Earth Summit. Held at St-Martin-in-the-Fields church in London, it was advertised as a public debate bringing together MPs, faith groups and civil society. 

The meeting coincided with the launch of a report by the Environmental Audit Committee on the ‘green economy’. 

Debt burdens on the rise in impoverished countries

22 May 2012

Guest post by Tim Jones, Jubilee Debt Campaign

Debt payments by the most impoverished countries are set to rise over coming years as part of the fallout from the global financial crisis. The new report from Jubilee Debt Campaign, The state of debt, shows how this threatens to extend the 30-year pattern of debt crises across the globe, from the Mexican debt crisis of 1982 to the Eurozone crisis today.

Interview: learning from history

10 May 2012

Author Tim Gee will be speaking at our Scottish campaigner convention on the 19th May. Here he talks to WDM Scotland about his new book on the history of social movements across the globe - Counterpower: Making Change Happen - and how history has shaped his own global justice campaigning.

Relearning the alphabet for WDM

09 May 2012

Guest post by Lucy Hurn, south west London group

Last week Lucy from our south west London group kicked off her fundraising challenge with a difference: doing the alphabet the hard way. Here she explains.

I blame the WDM London groups Christmas social! For some reason, no doubt spurred on by beer, a few of us started talking about doing the Berlin marathon. Having found that was already booked up, our plan changed to Amsterdam. Which begins with an ‘A’. And that’s where it all started…

Progressive responses to European austerity

08 May 2012

Among the many participants at Corporate Europe Observatory’s EU in Crisis conference this weekend were a host of WDM allies – people we’ve campaigned with against water privatisation, on climate justice and on debt cancellation. This time they were coming together with other organisation and movement representatives to debate the Eurozone crisis and organise against the dead hand of austerity and corporate capture which is gripping the continent.